Tuxedo Park police officer commemorated
by Pauline Greenberg

Tuxedo Park police chief Bill Bortnowsky stands with Police Officer Michael DePaolis of the 47th Detective Squad, NYPD, Tuxedo Park Police Officer Thomas DePaolis, and Detective Robert DePaolis, 47th Detective Squad, NYPD.

Last week the 47th Detective Squad of the NYPD presented Tuxedo Park Police Department with a memorial plaque honoring Police Officer Jason Conklin.

Conklin, 22, died in the line of duty on August 21, while apparently pursuing a speeder.

The informal ceremony, held late in the day, was attended by a handful of people, Bortnowsky said. There wasn't time to plan anything else. But, the Police Department is planning a large dedication ceremony in Conklin's honor, he added.  The date of the ceremony has not been announced yet.