April 2002

President's Message :
President's Column:

    We had a great turnout for the March meeting, with our usual annual St. Paddy's Day faire.  The Board is happy to report that there were no kitchen fires this year.  Frank and Bobby did a great job in the kitchen cooking.

    Thanks to John Corcoran and the Orange County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Unit for the presentation and the video.

    The pistol permit problem is alive and kicking.  Two of our members have been denied a full permit, so we are looking into the matter to assist them.  The Board is taking an active role in this matter and have several steps planned to help rectify this matter.  Before you apply for a permit, please see the Board, we will go over the application with you and give instructions from there.  I ask that if you would like our help, please ask for it before you apply, and not after your are turned down, I am burning up all my cell phone minutes on this monthly. there are several meetings scheduled with the local politicians to work on this matter.

    On May 18th we will again be offering our free firearms refresher course for the retired law enforcement officers of Orange County.  We would like to see a large turnout, as we are asking for the local judges to attend.  If you want to attend, please cal the hotline and leave your name and number, and we will get back to you.  Again, we will be supplying the instructors and usual amenities.

    CPR course will be held on Saturday April 13th from 10-4.  This is a free course for the members and their families.  We have 25 spots left for the 12-4 session.  If you would like to attend, please call the hotline.
The course will be held at St. Paul's School on Still Road in Monroe.

    June 30th will be our 2nd Annual Poker Run, we are looking for volunteers, please contact a Board member to volunteer.

    As the holidays have come to an end, and Spring is here, we are looking to a lot of outdoor activities this summer, stay tuned for info on the Picnic.

    Lastly, remember to stay safe and to wear your vests.

Orange County Law Enforcement

    We have some numbers about cops here in Orange County.  The numbers are from December so they have changed slightly.  We only have the numbers for the NYPD but are working on getting the numbers for NYC DOC, NYSP,NYSC Feds, and Local Departments.  We want to be able to show the judges that there are large numbers of cops here in Orange who are looking or will be looking for permits in the future.  This problem is not just involving the NYPD, we have heard of NYSP Troopers being denied permits or only getting target permits.
Active NYPD   residing in Orange County   2,000
Retired NYPD residing in Orange County     997.
    It is estimated that for the rest of the decade, anywhere from 200-300 cops will be retiring and applying for permits, with a good percentage of them being denied.
    With these numbers handy, you can see why we are working hard on this matter.  Once we factor in the active and retired officers from all the Towns, Villages, NYSP,NYS Corrections, NYC DOC, FBI,DEA, US Marshalls, PAPD,and all the other peace officers, our numbers should climb to close to 4,000 cops, not including the new arrivals, moving north monthly.
    With these numbers, maybe it is time we make ourselves heard.  How many of all the above listed officers responded to the WTC on 9/11?  How many had no firearms?  What happens if we are attacked again?

Firearms Refresher Course:

    The Lodge will once again be hosting their Firearms Refresher Course for the retired guys.  Its time for the dinosaurs to take the blunder busses out of mothballs and get retrained.
    The course will consist of a safety lecture, update of all applicable laws, the firearms will be checked and repairs made free of charge.  There will be one on one instructions again, with the instructors working with you to achieve an 86 score.  The instructors are all full time law enforcement firearms instructors, who can teach the blind to shoot, so an 86 is an achieveable score.
    According to the Bureau of Municipal Police, the state agency responsible for the training of Law Enforcement Officers statewide, the minimum standards t qualifiy as a duly quailified gun carrying officer, you must qualify once with a minimum score of 70% in the Academy.  Most Departments have their own criteria for qualifying( our criteria is fairly high), but the State says you only have to pass once to qualifiy.
    We are looking for a large turnout so call early to reserve your spot.

House of Representatives  Bill HR 218:

    Tom spoke with Congressman Gilman.  The Bill has been sent to the floor of the Senate, let's see if it passes this time.  This is the bill that allows active and retired law enforcment to carry nationwide.  There will be copies of the bill available at the next meeting.

CPR Course

    The Lodge will be hosting a free CPR course at St. Paul's School.  This is the Red Cross course. It will be open to the members and their families free(cops like that word) It will be held on Saturday April 13,2002.  There are still spaces left in the afternoon session, please call the hotline.  This is a first come-first serve, and there will be no walk ons allowed.

Blood Drive:

April 22 at the American Legion in Monroe.  this is part of a Boy Scout's Eagle Project.  The hours are from 12-6.

19th Pct Smoker:

    The annual 19th Pct Smoker will be held on Thursday April 11 starting at 2000hrs.  Tickets are $20.00 and the smoker benefits Danny Mulvey, son of Sgt Dan Mulvey, 20 Pct.  for info contact Det tom Hackett at 212 452-0633.

September 11th:

    For those members who feel the need to discuss their feelings or know of people who do, Orange County is offering Project Liberty.  This is strictly confidential and there are professionals waiting to help, they will even come to you.  This is a free service and is there to help us, the people who had to go to Ground Zero and our families. Their 24hr hotline is 1-888-750-2266.

    If you feel the need to talk or want to refer a friend, please do, they will help.

This is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.