August 2001

President's Message :
Well the summer is in full swing, and I will keep my comments brief. I hope that everyone is enjoying a safe and funfilled vacation and look forward to seeing everyone at the August Meeting which is our traditional clam bake BBQ so keep August 13th open.

    Jim Kralik the Sheriff of Rockland County kept us spellbound as he replayed the course of the Brinks Trial, they're were a few members present who had worked that case and we realize how difficult it is for this reformed Cop Killer to be the envy of the liberal set who are clamoring for her release.

    As more of our members are preparing to retire, please think about donating your bullet proof vest to the Lodge, and we will send them to cops who need them, I already scrounged up about one dozen and am looking for more and we will send them overseas to some friends.

    For the retired guys looking for something to do with all your knowledge that was hard-earned please look forward in the newsletter for a interesting proposition.

    Like I said it will be brief this month, remember, Stay Safe and wear your Vest.

Bullet Proof Vests

    Any Lodge Member who is retiring and looking to get ride of their vests, please keep the Lodge in mind, we have several friends overseas who have asked for vests, and you can see in the daily papers that they are sorely needed over there, so please donate them to the Lodge and we will send them overseas.  We sent a  little more then a dozen over last year with a member who hand delivered them, we will ship them out this time, so far we have about a dozen newly acquired.

Wanted Retired Members:

    The Lodge wants to start a self support group for all members of Law Enforcement.  Since 1990, five cops killed themselves up here, and that is not a complete list, of those five two took others with them.  We are looking into setting up a hot line with trained volunteers to respond to situations like these and other simpler ones that the younger cops have a hard time coping with.  We are looking for retired guys since they have the knowledge and they also don't have a responsibility of answering back to the Job, so any calls for help will be strictly confidential.  We are looking to getting the members trained and equipping them with the necessary tools.  Once we get a list of volunteers we can go ahead with more ground work.

CPR Course.

    We are looking to the second week in September for a free CPR course for the members and their families. For more information and to sign up for it, please contact the Board so we can reserve the school classroom.  This will be a free certification course for anyone who wants to sign up.

Get Well:

    To the son of Tommy Viserta, from our Board, his son was seriously hurt in a car accident and was flown to Westchester Medical Center.  Out thoughts and prayers are with Tommy, since his father is still recovering from Cardiac Surgery.

August Meeting;

    August 13 is the Annual BBQ meeting, There will be no guest speakers, just the members getting to hangout and get to know each other and swap tips and stories.


    The Board has been very active the past few weeks, from the Poker Run and the Picnic both of which were successful, but we need your help to make things run.  We aren now planning the 1st Annual Christmas Party on December 8, and we are looking for volunteers, we have contracted for the food, Hall, booze and entertainment.  We need help to set up and break down, the same 6-8 people can't do it all, if you are interested, please contact a Board Member


Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.