August 1999

President's Message :
First, I would like to thank and congratulate the Conklin Family for their running of the successful 2nd Annual Jason D. Conklin Memorial Golf Outing.  They put a lot of work and effort into it and it showed.  Thanks to our members who showed up and played, and contributed towards the Scholarship Fund.
    Our meeting that night was decently attended even though a lot of sunburnt golfers showed up to hear our guest speaker.  Our speaker, recently retired Chief of Department Louis Anemone, was very entertaining.  We were his first audience since he retired the following Friday.  Chief Anemone found a lot of old friends in the audience.  Hopefully, this will be the first of many visits to our Lodge.  On behalf of the Board and the Members we wish the Chief a happy, healthy and long retirement.
    I would also like to thank our member, and newly elected PBA Treasurer, Joe Alejandro for taking the time to answer questions from the floor I dragged him up to the podium in between bites of dinner. There were a lot of good questions and hopefully the new PBA will institute some of the ideas like the 800 number for the members.
    As a reminder, the New York State Lodge requires that the members be paid up for in full by the end of October, so starting this month we will be asking the members to get their dues for the year 2000, paid up so they do not lose any benefits.
    We are also looking into several legal plans for our members that cover on/off duty employment especially for those Departments that do not have any such plans.
    This month we have a guest editorial from one of our advertisers and supporters of our Lodge Dennis Serpi.  As I have stated numerous times before, this is your forum, anything you want to say to the members, please send it along.
    Lastly, good luck to member Chief Dom Guidice and the rest of the Monroe PD on their new Headquarters, and hopefully the move  goes smoothly.
    Remember, stay safe and wear your vest.


    Our condolences to our Sgt at Arms John Flood on the passing of his grandmother on July 9.
Keep in your prayers
    Jonathan Mulligan, son of Mike Mulligan 46 Pct and Dianne Mulligan 24 Pct is ill, please keep them and their family in your prayers.
News from Albany:
    For the past several years, Senate Republicans have repeatedly approved a bill known as the "Police and Public Protection Act".  This Act would close many of the technical loopholes that endanger the lives of police officers, devastate victim's families and waste tax payers' money.  Governor Pataki supports the Bill, and the chief Justice of the Court of Appeals,  Judith Kaye supports reforms.  But, they have died each year in the State Assembly.  This is wrong and must change.
    We have had many successes in law enforcement in recent years, especially, and the statistics are there to prove it.  Our laws are tougher and the police are better equipped.  But, in many cases, the courts are simply ineffective.  We are also confronting some very disturbing statistics:  Last year 160 police officers were killed in the Line of Duty.  Firearms deaths are up 25% over just three years ago, and traffic related fatalities are up 50%.  We must make the justice system work for the victims  and not the criminals.  In my opinion, our local communities cannot express enough gratitude for the job our police officers do every day.  Our Laws must reflect that gratitude and protect these dedicated men and women and all their uniforms represent.
Senator Bill Larkin, 39th Dist.
Upcoming Events:
    Our Lodge will be offering to our members and the community, free V.I.N. etching on your windows.  Some insurance companies will give up to a 10% reduction on your comprehensive insurance.  We are looking at a date between Now and the 2nd week in September.  We will also be conducting a Driver Safety seminar free for our members which helps up to a 10% reduction on Liability insurance.  This service will also be available to the community at a greatly reduced cost.  This is good for a three year reduction, and we will be trying to do this several times a year.  We will try to have the dates posted at the next meeting.
News from Congress
    The House of Representatives have passed HR 218.  This is the Bill that allows qualified active and retired Law Enforcement Officers to carry their firearms throughout the United States, without any violations.  This is only for Law Enforcement Officers and not license holders.  Congressman Gilman and Sue Kelly(a co-sponsor of the Bill) have supported it and will continue to support it to the benefit of the Law Enforcement Community.  The Bill now has to pass in the Senate.  Contact your Senators Moynahan and Schumer  and tell them to vote yes.
Get Well Wishes
To Efrain Oyola, our Newsletter Editor, recovering from shoulder surgery
To Sean Franklin our Recording Secretary recovering from  knee surgery
To Milton Edwards our printer recovering from a sudden illness.
To Ralph Caruso on the engagement of his daughter, Desiree Ann to Charles A Mitzel. A January 2000 wedding is planned
Also to the P.O.S.A. recently promoted to Detective Specialists.

by Dennis Serpi
    Back in 1994, the day Congress passed the assault weapons ban, the Chief of the Arlington PD, at a regular roll call, instucted an entourage of his finest looking officers that they will be on the steps of the White House, in uniform and armed for the purpose of showing support for the banningof firearms used in one tenth of one percent of violent crimes.  Not one of those officers believed in the Law, but they did as they were told.
    At top levels, the Fraternal Order of Police has become a pawn of the politicians with an agenda.  These politicians care not what your views of this topic are, they've decided for you, and the leaders of the FOP are their picture perfect backround puppets.
    Every time Bill Clinton wags his bony, lying finger at the honest firearms owner at one of his rent-a-cop "photo-ops, it makes my blood boil.
    As a firearms instructor, competitor, range owner, law abiding gun owner and a "fight to the death 2nd Ammendment supporter" , I am asking that, you, the law enforcement professionals of the  FOP realize and make known to the FOP Leadership that sixteen times more kids are killed in car accidents than with legally owned guns.
    If the FOP has a policy or a political view of gun control, let it be the that of the rank and file, not of the Photo-ops puppets.  Each member of Law Enforcement should have his or her own voice heard without retribution from politically motivated leaders.
    The next time you see a picture of a politician surrounded by perfectly uniformed officers, spewing "save the children" gun control, just close your eyes and envision Adolph Hitler in his place.

    It has been decided to change the date of the unveiling of the Wall until Police Week 2000.  There will be an article monthly about the names on the Wall, and who they are.
    The 2nd Annual Jason D. Conklin Golf Outing was held on July 12 at the Stoney Ford Golf Club.  The day was a success and held on a beautiful day.  The Conklin Family worked hard to make this a success and all the proceeds go to theJason Conklin Scholarship fund for those who have worked hard to pay for their way in the Police Academy.  Thanks to the Board Members and members who played, then showed up tto the meeting to hear Chief Anemone speak.  Thanks to Tom Carton and Harry Dobson for helping at the golf course.