August 2000

President's Message :

August 2000

This August 14th is our annual BBQ meeting and is our elections that are mandated by the State Lodge to be held every two years.  We now have some by-laws amendments to change that to a one year period.

    Due to the Large amount of people expected to attend the August meeting for both the elections and the BBQ we had had to get an updated roster from the State for the smooth functioning of the elections, so only members who are registered with the State as of July 12 will be allowed to vote.

    The posotion of President is the only opposed position in the election.  I could use this column to sing my praises for what I and this Board have done in the last two years, but I won't.  I will leave it up to the membership to decide - do you want to re-elect me  again or send me out to pasture.  I understand that there has been a lot of negative misinformation going around.  Surprisingly I have never been directly asked about any of the statements, so instead of defending myself, I leave it up to you the membership to decide.

    The Lodge got a thank you note from Trooper Kelly's family for the floral arrangements that were sent to his and his partner's funeral.  I will bring it to the next meeting.

    The Lodge is planning to sell new shirts at the BBQ.  These two new designs will all go to benefit the Wall.  They should be appealing to most if not all, one even makes a political statement that has been heard again and again in this Lodge and throughout the Law Enforcement community, much to the chagrin of the Liberals.

    In closing I want to wish Sean Franklin good luck in his run against me for President and win or lose, I wish the best for this Lodge.  I want to thank Harry Dobson, Dave Conklin and Erwin Benz for their help, assistance and guidance in working together as the past Board.  They have all sacrificed time and energy and effort and took time from their families to help this Lodge run efficiently.  All the members on this Board gave heartily of themselves and average 10-20 hours a week for this Lodge to help run our many programs, VIN etching, Child ID kits, Lectures, Driver Safety courses Parades and sadly funerals.

    Lastly, remember Stay safe and wear your Vest.


    To Rocco Pascarella on the passing of his loved one last month.

    To the family friends and co-workers of PO John Kelly, NYPD ALU killed in the Line of Duty on July 17, in Staten Island.  This is the second NYPD Officer Killed in an RMP accident this year.  Please keep his wife and young children in your prayers.


To John Krol for his off duty unarmed arrest last month on the BQE (seems like John is making a bunch of unarmed arrests latley)  Keep up the good work.

Project Children:

    Project Children Founder, FOP Member Denis Mulchay recently went to Ireland along with several Lodge members here is the report from one of them.

    On June 28th FOP 957 member Michael Jordan and his bride Margie(recently retired from the Monroe Post Office)(ed's note, I think our newsletter drove her to it, thanks for all the help Margie) returned from chaperoning a plane load (312to be exact) of children from Belfast Northern Irelandto New York on behalf of Project Children.  FOP Member Denis Mulchay, is founder and national chairman of Project Children and he is a 1st grade detective witht the NYPD Bomb Squad.  Before Mike and Margie left Ireland and while touring Mike's native county Mayo, they spent five enjoyable days with FOP Member John"Jack" Quinn(ret 48 Pct).  Jack is the proprietor of the the newly built "Quinn Abby" Bed and Breakfast in Knoch, Co. Mayo.  Jack is busy with his new venture and says a big Hello to all.

Thank you:

    The Lodge receive two important thank you notes.
1st. The Kelly family thanks the Members of Lodge 957 for the floral tribute to Tpr T. Michael Kelly NYSP Shield 2588.

2nd  From Mrs Rosemay Patwell the widow of PO John Patwell NYPD 43 Pct who died in the Line of Duty on June 15,1980. " On  behalf of my family and myself our sincere thanks for the thoughtfull floral arrangement on the anniversary of my husbandJack's death.
    PO Patwell is a Memorial Wall Honoree.

Get Well Wishes:

    To Lt. Chris Pasqarella BXTF out LOD with some injured ribs fighting with an EDP
    To Efrain Oyola FTS out with LOD Lyme Disease(F, put this in if you want.)


To NYS Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun on her engagement.  We surprised her with a Birthday Cake at the last meeting and she surprised us with her announcement.  We wish her and her fiance Bill a lot of luck and happiness. 

Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.