President's Message
1st Annual FOP Venison Dinner
Officer Needs Assistance
Congratulations!  Recent births/scholarship announcement
Welcome to our newest Members
Fund Raising
President's Message :

The soon to end year has been a good one for us.  We have gone over the 300 mark, as you can tell from our new members and transfers.  This seems to be the trend, as word gets out about us. 

During the past year we have had some very interesting and influential guest speakers.  We have had the radio personality, author, and former DEA agent, Mike Levine, who is also the father of slain NYPD Sgt. Keith Levine;  News reporter and former NYPD DCPI John Miller, FOX 5 reporter and former NYPD Detective Mike Sheehan, Major case detective and lodge member John O'Boyle, U.S. Congressman Ben Gilman, N.Y.S. Senator Bill Larkin, NYPD Chaplain William Kaladjian (the "Rev. Al of Cops"), Max Kinkle, radio personality had to cancel at the last second due to business, and Detectives Tony Sendft and John Snidersich from the police self support group. 

Not a bad lineup for a first year.  We are now working on next year's guest speakers.  As always, any member who has any idea for speakers, please let us know and I will reach out to them. 

As the holidays fast approach, just a word of caution to be safe out there.  This is the time of year when we have the biggest increases in injuries to cops, mostly due to drunk drivers returning from Christmas parties and depressed people around the holidays.  So on behalf of myself, the FOP Board, and our families, we wish you and your families a HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Once again, as always, stay safe and wear your vest. 

1st Annual F.O.P. Venison Dinner
The lodge is hosting an all-you-can-eat venison dinner.  The dinner will be held on Saturday January 16th, 1999 at the Lakeside Fire-Rescue on West Mombasha Road County Route 19, Monroe.  Dinner will start at 6:30pm and continue until whenever.  The $20.00 admission includes dinner, beer, and soda.  The variety of venison is being provided by our own Jake Conklin, so spread the word and let's get 1999 off to a good start!!  For tickets, call 351-7475 or 782-1896.

Officer Needs Assistance
On Friday November 13, 1998 there was a benefit held for one of our members, Chris Riso, who is sick.  Chris is a Sgt. at the 20th NYPD Pct.  He had formerly worked in the 44th Pct. Bx Court Division and at the New York Police Academy Firearms and Tactics Section (The Range).  It was the members of the Range who organized it.  There were almost 2000 people at the party.  The NYPD Bag Pipe Band came and played along with a band and DJ.  When I say a good time was held by all, I'm putting it lightly.  Everyone had a great time.  Thanks also to lodge member John Leonick, who is one of several friends who drove Chris back and forth to the City for doctor visits and medical treatment.  Our prayers go out to Chris.

Congratulations are in order to our very own Treasurer Harry Dobson and his wife Jackie on the birth of their first child, Gianna Marie Dobson.  She was born November 22,1998 at 7:10am and was 8lbs 11oz. and 20" long.  Both mother and daughter are doing fine.  Best wishes toward the future.

Congratulations also to P.O. Peter Walker, 48th Pct, NYPD, on the birth of his son Peter Joseph.

Also congratulations to P.O. Mike Brennan, NYPD, who received the 4th annual Jason Conklin Scholarship for his time in the Rockland County   Police Academy before being hired by the NYPD.  P.O. Brennan was awarded the scholarship by Mr. and Mrs. Conklin on 11/9.  The scholarship went to pay for Officer Brennan's tuition at the Rockland Academy.

Welcome to Our Newest Members
Anastasis Amaratides  NYPD Vincent Balsamo  NYPD
Harry Casey  NYPD John Corcoran  O.C.S.D.
Eugene Dellaglio  NYPD Judy Gawley  NYPD
John P. hart  NYC DOC Walter Hickey  NYPD
John Imperato  NYC DOC Kameel Jaman  NYPD
Rodney Krinke  NYPD  Richard Neillands  NYPD
Russel O'Dell  Cornwall PD Christopher Riso  NYPD
Christopher Ross  NYPD Paul Schieber  NYPD
Stuart Simons  NYPD Elizabeth Sullivan  O.C.S.D.
John Sullivan  NYPD (Ret.) Allen Thorsen  NYPD
Kevin Watson  Monroe PD Ronald Wilheamy  NYPD
Andrew Zamrycki  NYPD
John J. Burke  Harriman PD Peter D'Enrico  NYC DOC
Michael Gray  NYC DOC (Ret.) Richard Hassan  FDNY FM
Gerald Killenberger  FDNY FM Robert Rahn  NYPF
Kenneth Schwartz  NYC DOC
Nancy Calhoun  (NYS Assembly)
Dana Halfours
Nilda Oyola

Our heartfelt prayers go out to the family of lodge member Edward McAteer, Retired Patrolman, Hamburgh Borough N.J, PD.  Edward passed away last month after a long illness.  Edward is the brother of trustee Walter McAteer.  Edward was also a member of the Armed Forces from 1954-1974, serving during Korea and Vietnam.  Our prayers go out to his wife Rose, their family, and to Walter and his family.  

The Board is presently looking into the feasability of conducting services such as a Tactical Combat Firearms course adn Evidence Collection courses.  While these courses will not be qualifying, they will be of familiarization in nature taught by State Certified Instructors and Specialists in their fields.  We will send out more information after we work out the details.  

Fund Raising
As you all know, we are a self-supporting "not for profit" organization.  We operate by the support of our members and the generous donations of individuals, companies and corporations throughout the region.  If you have any ideas for fundraising, please submit them to our P.O. Box.  We would like to thank Majestic Drug. Co, Inc, Bronx NY, for their generous donation and support to the lodge.