FOP Contribution allows Harriman to Buy Defibrillator

The Harriman Police Department no longer needs to lease its crucial medical device, a defibrillator, which is used to restart the heart in cases of cardiac arrest.  Thanks to the Fraternal Order of Police's donation of $400 to Harriman at its monthly meeting February 8, the department was finally able to purchase the $3500 lifesaving device it had been leasing.

The department had raised $3100 through other fundraisers.  After reading about the department's need for the nine pound portable unit in The Times Herald Record a few weeks ago, F.O.P. President Tom Carton decided to provide some crucial financial assistance.  Holding a venison dinner with all local F.O.P. members involved, Carton was able to raise the funds that allowed Harriman to be just the second police department in Orange County to own such a machine.  Monroe is the other.  There are a couple in Rockland County police departments, and none exist in New York City precincts.  "The whole F.O.P. thought it was important to help out with the situation, as it can be the difference between life and death," Carton said.  "Plus, several cops in the Harriman department are F.O.P. members, and it is just our way of helping out."

The device enables police, who typically arrive in four minutes to medical emergencies as opposed to an ambulance's eight, to stabilize the heart victim during those four minutes.  It is intended to be used 24 hours a day, available one time per shift at the department.  Harriman already has four officers trained to use the piece of equipment, since it requires EMT certification.