January 7, 1998
Mr. Henry J. Dobson
Secretary Treasurer
FOP Lodge #957
Monroe, NY 10950

Dear Secretary Dobson,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratualte the Hudson Valley Fraternal Order of Police upon the dedication of the new Jason D. Conklin Memorial Lodge.

The loss of a police officer weighs heavily on the hearts of any community.  The tragic death of young officer Conklin, which cut short a life so full of promise and hope, is an especially sorrowful event which will not soon be forgotten by the residents of the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Valley Fraternal Order of Police is to be commended for dedicating their new hall in the name of Officer Jason Conklin. Through your good efforts, Officer Conklin's memory will be must justly served.

Wishing you the best in your endeavors,

William J. Larkin, Jr.
State Senator