The Parole System
Submitted by Pat Bodnar

The system of parole in NYS should be abolished.  Donald Louis Carrington, the accomplice in my husand's murder is coming up for parole for the 2nd time.  One of the factors that is considered by the Parole Board is his behavior behind bars-so in reality his early release could be because he has been "good" while incarcerated.  Do I, the victim, get time off for good behavior-of course not.  I am forever in a mental prison with the possibility of the events of the night of 8/3/90 replaying when ever and where ever it wants.  Mr. Carrington is in a physical prison and will, unfortunately, one day be free.

If the parole system is not to be abolished then at least let us make some changes in the system to make it more victim friendly.  I was appalled to learn that the victim is only automatically notified the first time that the offender comes up for parole. Why not, each time?  I am sure there are many victims,who after the first and final automatic notification,lose track of future appearance dates which in NYS is every two years.  So how many inmates have been released because victims did not have the opportunity to appear at a victim-impact hearing prior to the inmate's parole hearing?  And was this interpreted by the Board as "they don't care."  Also, the Parole ommissioner that my daughter and I spoke to does not necessarily have to be on the panel that Mr. Carrington speaks to-why not?  Yes, his panel will get a transcript of the hearing with my daughter and I, but the written word is one thing and to actually physically hear and see someone is something else.

I inquired for info on the Parole system and was given a 49-page book designed for the inmate.  I was told there is nothing in print for the victim, the same thing I was told two years ago.  It seems that the playing field is not level and the victim, as usual, is getting the short end of the stick.

After expressing my concerns with Assemblyman Howard Mills, he told me he is going to introduce legislation based on my complaints regarding the flaws in the Parole system.

Lastly, thank you all for your concern and the signatures and letters that were collected protesting parole of Mr. Carrington.

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