Abolish the Parole System (reply)
Submitted by Michelle Oresto

I am Patricia Bodnar's niece. Our family has been surviving through the nightmare of 8/3/90 and will continue to live with the memories of that awful night forever. We too have no "parole", no peace, there is not a day that passes that we
can say "Alex will be stopping by, or we will hear his laughter, his jokes, see his smile that was contagious to all those around.

How do we get parole from this nightmare, when does our pain stop! My aunt has survived with the grace of GOD and the strength that Alex had to protect her in his final moments. Why does the criminal have so much power over the fate of his life in addition to taking a life of someone else? Where are the rights of the victims ?

So many times my family will be gathered and a joke, a memory of a trip we used to take together or a memory of
how Alex used to work on cars with my father all hours into the night will be relived- Yet Alex is NOT HERE to share those good days- HE IS NOT GETTING PAROLE! DEATH IS FOREVER as should the sentence of Donald Carrington!

why shouldn't Carrington live forever in jail? What has he done to bring Alex back - his good behavior? What is that? where was the good behavior that fateful night -why didn't he stop the crime if he was such "a good person" ? How can he be set free to walk the earth as if he never did anything wrong? So he was in jail and "he was a good inmate" well let him stay there and remember every day WHY HE IS THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

His life sentence should be the same as ours - live forever in a nightmare that you don't wake up from, dream at night that your mate is beside you, your father is going to take his grandchildren to the park, your uncle is coming over tomorrow, the weekend trip is coming up !

We will NEVER have those times again!

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