Upcoming Lodge Events

October 2, 1999 - The FOP will make child identification kits at Woodbury Day.  This involves photographing and fingerprinting children.

VIN Etching: The Lodge will be providing free VIN etching on Sunday October 10 at Smith Clove Park in Monroe.  This is open to all members and residents in Orange County.  Once completed the vehicle owner is entitiled up to 10%off your comprehensive insurance.

Driver Safety Course: The Lodge will be offering the State Safety Course for the 10% discount on your Liability insurance.  Unfortunately, we have to charge a slight fee of $15.00 for this six hour course, since that is what we have to send to the DMV for the materials.  We will open this to residents of Orange County, but they will be paying$30.00, the extra money going to the Memorial Wall. This will be limited to the first 130 people, because of space.  This course usually runs about $60-$75.00.  The Date will be mention at the meeting.  We are looking at one of the weekends in November.