February 2000

President's Message :
President's Message: February 2000

Well it seems that we have all survived the Millenium, and since the beginning of the New Year, I haven't heard the mention of that word again.  Hopefully all the members have had an enjoyable New Year's Eve and a safe one.
    As we start the new century just a few things to point out, first PO Steve Dunn of the Greenwood Lake PD suffered a great tragedy, he and his family lost their house and all of their belongings on Thursday January 27,2000.  The Executive Board is working on helping the family with clothing.  If every member was to mail a check for $10.00 or $20.00, we could raise enough money to help Steve his wife and two young children through this rough time.  If anyone would like to mail a check, please mail it to our post office box, PO Box 2122, Monroe, NY 10950, in the memo section please put in PO Dunn Fund.  As cops we are always called upon to help others, but it is only us who can be called upon to help each other .  All the checks will be put into a special account and all the money will go to the family.
    The Greenwood Lake PBA is trying to organize a fundraiser, and I have pledged the Lodge to help in this monumental task of helping a family regain a sense of security.  Every little bit helps, the Lodge is already involved in securing some needed items as we speak.
       I have received several calls about an organization soliciting funds over the phone calling themselves the Federal Order of Police, they constantly slip in that they are the FOP, when I got the call I informed them differently, I should have had them stay on the line ot get more information on them but didn't.  If any member gets one of these calls, string them along and try to get as much information from them, make a pledge and then when you get the envelope, let the E -Board know the address, and we will investigate it.  I have contacted the Times Herald Record about this and they have not done anything about it.  I hate to see another organization making money off our deeds and efforts for their own benefit.  Our Lodge will not solicit over the phone.  I was recently informed that this fop is claiming to be working with the Washingtonville PD who deny even knowing them, so maybe we can stop this fraud, before some person thinking it is us, and makes a donation to these deceptors.
    Past speaker John Snydervich, retired NYPD Street Crime Unit, and member of the Police Self Help Group just suffered a great blow, his college aged son was seriously injured in a wrestling accident and remains hospitalized.  Members of this Lodge went to their aid, and are continuing to help the family with accomadations, transportation and any other way we can be useful.
    The Orange County Shields are hosting a 10-13 racket at our old meeting location the AOH Hall in Monroe, they are trying to raise money for the defense of PO Charles Schwartz NYPD and Tpr Hogan, NJSP who are both coming to trial soon.  The racket is on Thursday Feb 17,2000 from 7:00 -2:00 $10.00 donation at the door, look for more information on the inside of the newsletter.
    The members present at the last meeting in an attempt to save several dozen marriages and countless serious relationships have voted to cancel the February Meeting which falls on Feb 14, Valentine's Day.
    Lastly, remember, stay safe and wear your vest.

Venison Dinner:

    The Lodge will be hosting their 2nd Annual Jason Conklin Memorial Venison Dinner at the American Legion, Post 488 this Saturday Feb 5,2000 from 6:30 to 12:30.  There will be numerous Venison Entrees prepared by Jake Conklin.  The Dinner will cost $20.00 per person and will included unlimited beer wine and soda and music. For more information or to order tickets, call the hotline at 774-3283. Great prizes to be raffled and all proceeds will go to the Memorial Wall.

Building Fund:

At our January Meeting, the difficulty entailed in selling the projected amount of Raffle Tickets was brought to the floor. After much discusssion, the membership, including myself, decided to have the drawing at the March meeting with the sold tickets. At the time of the drawing, ten prizes will be established at the same percentage of winning money given as if the total tickets were sold.  Example: if 100 tickets were sold the  First Place prize would be $2000.00. If any ticket holder wants their donation to our organization returned, please contact me before the March meeting. Those who attend this meeting with a paid ticket, will not have to pay house tax: free buffet and beer. Thanks to those members and friends who supported and were patient with
this first attempt to raise money for a future home FOP Lodge#957.
         - Frank Cush, Tel:782-4101

43rd Annual Installation Dinner for the Pulaski Association of the NYPD Friday April 28,2000 at Antun's 96-43 Springfield Blvd, Queens Village, NY for more info contact John Krol( FOP Member) 94 Sq or at home 914-782-9420.

To member Peggy Gavin on the publication of her new books, "If I Were President" and "365 Ways You Can Make The World A Better Place In The New Millenium", both published by Troll Communications of Mahwah NJ.  Between Peggy and Bob Cohen both authoring books, they are making us a literate Lodge.

    There is no meeting for the Month of February, February 14.  The membership present at the January Meeting voted not to have a meeting on Valentine's Day under fearful retribution from our significant others.  The next meeting will be on Mar 13,2000.  We are planning something special for St. Patrick's Day (no, green beer has already been done).

E-Mail Addresses
    We are trying to update our records and are trying to compile a list of E mail addresses for our members.  This will be used only for in house purposes and will not be given out for spam.  It has been used recently to pass on important training bulletins, messages and short notice memos.  The email address can be sent to the Lodge P.O. Box or you can send an email to Elisa the webmaster of this page at ebh6@duke.edu.

    To the family fo Federal Correction Officer Eric Nicholas, member of Lodge 50, Otisville, who died Tuesday January 25, 2000 of a heart attack.  CO Nicholas was 40 years old.

Get Well Wishes
    Get well to the sister of Board Member Frank Cush who just recently suffered a stroke.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Orange County Shields Fundraiser:

The National Police Defense Foundation and the Orange County Shields Announce a fundraiser to be held on Thursday, February 17 from 6:00pm to 2:00am at The Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall, located at 8-10 North Main Street, Monroe, N.Y.10950 Proceeds will benifit the Legal Defense Fund for New Jersey State Trooper, John Hogan, and Former New York City Police Officer, Charles Schwartz. Food, Drink, and DJ Entertainment will be provided. Donations $10.00

Blue Knights Chapter
New Blue Knights Motorcycle Club chapter starting in Orange County.  For more information about membership, contact Sam Luongo, Lodge 50, Otisville, at 914 434-2945 or at SLuongo@BOP.Gov

Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.