February 1999

President's Message
Books for Hospitalized Veterans
Special Note - Aug 1999 Meeting
Law Enforcement Memorial Wall

President's Message :
The February meeting was a rousing success.  Chief John Scanlon, Chief of Patrol,NYPD was warmly received, speaking about the death penalty, and just prefering to be surrounded by cops.  He invited any member who happens to be in 1 PP to stop up and visit.

The Lodge honored two brave officers from Amsterdam PD, just outside of Albany.  Tom McGroder, a member of this Lodge and former member of the Town of Walkill PD and his partner John Mancini ran into a burning building and rescued an elderly lady.  We also offered long overdue honors to a fallen officer, Ptl Joseph Hyde.  Ptl Hyde was injured in a shooting in 1891, while chasing a burglary suspect, though wounded in the elbow, he succumbed to his wounds but was not given LOD status until recently.  In May, at the FOP Memorial Wall in Hicksville, I was asked to accept the award for Ptl Hyde, as his name was just added to the Wall.  We felt it our privelege to honor this officer ourselves also.  Congressman Gilman had a flag flown on the 107 anniversary of Ptl Hyde's death and presented Ptl Hyde's memory with a certificate.  Senator Bill Larkin presented a proclamation in Ptl Hyde's memory.  The Lodge presented Chief Brownell, Amsterdam PD a large plaque in memory of Ptl Hyde's memory.

We have stated our Lodge mission several times, and will re-iterate it again, we will not let any law enforcement officer who give their live in the line of duty will not be forgotten, our last meeting was proof that we are keeping to our mission.

Lastly, the Lodge presented Harriman PD with a check for four hundred dollars towards the purchase of a defibillator, to serve the people of Harriman.  We want to help our fellow officers with getting the proper tools that they need to do their jobs.  if any Department in Orange county needs our assistance to help them lobby for more equipment, or if we can assist them in any way, with training or anything else, please contact the Board.  We are here to help our fellow cops.

Please keep NYPD PO Matthew Dziergowski and his family in your prayers.  PO Dziergowski, gave his live protecting three other officers at a routine accident investigation, giving further evidence, that in this Job, there is no such thing as routine.  PO Dziergowski was killed on Valentine's Day, leaving a young wife and family behind.  Of course there will be no protest marches screaming justice  for the victim, just another fallen cop.

Remember, stay safe, and wear your vest.

Books For Hospitalized Veterans :

The American Legion Post 488 in Monroe is hosting a book drive for hospitalized veterans.  If you have any books that you want to donate, please bring them to any of our monthly meetings, and we will make sure that the Legion gets them.  Let's remember our Vets more then twice a year on Sales Days.

Special Note :

The August 9th meeting will be an outdoor Bar-b-que meeting.  The Hall is being used for a charity event that day, and we want to give the Event Organizers every bit of help we can, so we will be using the Pavillion on top by the parking lot.  We will be having more reminders as the time approaches

Law Enforcement Memorial Wall :

Here are just some of the names and dates that we will be entering on the Wall.  Special thanks to Elisa Hirth and Geoff Hawthorne on compiling the list.  We are trying to get the names from the NYPD.
Tpr Carl T. Wilder  NYSP 9/7/28
Tpr John F. Cotter 
Tpr William V. McDonagh 
Inv  Richard B. Snyder 
Tpr  James A. Kelly 
Tpr Joseph T Aversa 
Tpr Nathaniel Burroughs 
PO William M. Robinson 
Newburgh PD
Robert J. Betanzos 
Newburgh PD
PO John L. MacKecie 
Port Jervis PD
Spec4 Derrick M. Schultz 
PO John Machuca 
Cornwall PD
PO Robert T. D'Egidio 
Cornwall PD
PO Jason D. Conklin 
Tuxedo Park PD

We will be sending out letters to all the Departments in the County, as well as surrounding counties to make sure that no name is left off the Wall, and the names are spelled correctly. We are also looking for donations to help offset the costs of this memorial and dinner for the survivors.  If you know of anyone or any corporation that might like to donate, please have the contact us either by regular mail or e-mail.

In the upcoming newsletters, we will be giving short bio's on these fallen officers. also we will be publishing a draft of the Memorial once we get it finalized.