January 2000

President's Message :
President's Message: January 2000

Well, by the time you are reading this the New Year has arrived, but in reality it is actually the day after Christmas and I am trying to get this out before my I find out that my computer is not Y2K compatable.

    I hope that everyone has had a safe and healthy holiday season, and for those of us who had to work Times Square had a safe tour (I spent 12 out of 14 New Year's in Times Square, it is almost like they can't have New Year's Eve without me.)

    The upcoming year should be a busy one for us. The Times-Herald Record is doing a one page feature story on our Memorial Wall project sometime in January, and we will be doing some heavy fundraising for the Wall in the upcoming months.  In the future newsletter we will be publishing how much we have raised so our members will be updated monthly on our progress.

    We are going to need some volunteers for the parade committee for the unveiling of the Memorial.  If anyone is interested please let one of the Board Members know.  We are also looking for one member possibly two for our By-Laws Committee.  The State sent us a copy of their new By-Laws and ours must be in compliance with theirs.  Once ours are finished, we will make them available at meetings to the members who want them.

    Don't forget, our 2nd Annual Jason Conklin Venison Dinner is February 5, 2000 at the American Legion from 7:00 until ?.  Tickets will be on sale at the January Meeting, order soon, they go fast.  Anyone looking to volunteer to help it would be greatly appreciated as all the profits will go straight to the Wall.

    Lastly, congratulations to the Shields for once again hosting their successful Children's Christmas Caravan, the have again made many hospitalized kids happy at Christmas Time.

    Rmember, stay safe and wear your vest.

Get Well:
To Nilda Oyola who was hospitalized for a week.  Nilda is the wife of our editor Efrain, and a very busy worker for this Lodge behind the scenes.

Special Thanks

While Nilda Oyola was hosptalized she received great care from the staff at St. Luke's, Newburgh, we would like to thank one of the nurses, the daughter of DI Fessa, NYPD MTTF.

New Members:
Leslie McInerney    NYPD
Rafael Muriel          NYDOC
Karen Adams         NYDOC
Jose E. Balbin        NYPD
Sandra Benz          Associate
Eileen Scofield       Associate
John Krol               NYPD
William Roche       NYPD

Good Arrest:
    Congratulations to Det John Krol, 94 Sq, NYPD on his Restricted Duty, unarmed arrest of a thirty year old murder suspect.  John was able to piece together enough information about the perp wanted in a homicide, that was the basis of the movie Donnie Brasco.  John while on restricted duty and without firearms was able to stake out the last known location of the perp within the confines of Midtown North and was able to apprehend the perp after a brief interlude.  Once apprehended the perp admitted to being (with some pride) the mafia gangster that Donnie Brasco was based on. Good work to John and his partner Reginald Hogans on a job well done.

Y2K Computer Fix
As a service to our members who like myself are computer illiterate, we are passing along a quick fix solution to making your computer Y2K compatible.
First, click on START, then click on SETTINGS, double click on CONTROL PANEL, double click on REGIONAL SETTINGS(the little globe)while in the regional settings click on DATE tab at the top of the page, where it says SHORT DATE SAMPLE, look and see if it shows a two digit year ("yy").  It needs to be set with four y's ("yyyy").  Click the button across from SHORT DATE STYLE and select the option that shows mm/dd/yyyy, and click apply, then click OK.  This should fix the problem.

    On March 18,1949, Patrolman John Mackechnie of the Port Jervis PD was assigned to watch a prisoner, he and his partner had just arrested, in the interogation room of Police Headquarters located in the basement.  The prisoner Harold Brundage, a Navy veteran who, accoording to the newspaper of the time was "acting queerly" when his mother called the police.  The EDP was brought into HQ and was awaiting the arrival of a doctor, when he attacked Ptl. Mackechnie with the butt of a double barrel shotgun and killed him.
    Mrs Mackechnie was summoned to HQ and was informed that her husband had been killed,  Their children Kathleen age 6 and son John age 1 1/2   were left without a father.  Ptl John Mackechnie and his wife Kathleen had just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary the day before.
    Ptl Mackechnie was a 38 year old 8 year veteran of the Port Jervis Police Department

Driver Safety Course
    The first FOP DRiver Safety Course was very successful, after all bills were paid we raised $400.00 for the Memorial Wall.  The Lodge supplied three 6 foot heroes to the attendees thanks to  the Best Of Little Italy.  Tom, Larry and Danny Badillo also VIN etched and additional 30 cars.  Look for the next dates in upcoming newsletters.

Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.