June 2001

President's Message :
We had the Orange County DA, Frank Phillips, as our guest speaker at the last meeting, and he held up pretty well to some tough questioning.  Mr Phillips brought out some good points about the justice system in OC, things that we never knew about.  I for one assumed that the County had a 24 ECAB system for arrainments, but found out that the arresting officer had to call around for a judge willing to come out to hear the case before finishing the process.  We also heard some funny stories about driving prisoners along dark county roads to go meet the judge, I can only imagine what would be going through a tough NYC perp's mind as he is being driven through Orange COunty's darker roads in the woods in the middle of the night.
    I would like to arrange for one or two judges to attend one of our meetings and explain the system up here for the Down State guys, I was impressed with the hardships the local officers face and they way they overcome them, it gave me a better understanding on how tought their job is up here.
    On a more personal note, as many of the members know, I had requested a transfer to the NYPD Bomb Squad, being of Irish decent, there must have been a few bomb throwers in my heritage somewhere and I would atone for them.  Unfortunately, whenever an NYPD supervisor tries to improve his/her career and goes before the Supervisor Assignment Board, Internal Affiars gets first crack at that boss.  Well, that is what happened to me.  I was picked up by Internal Affairs for a two year term.  You are not allowed to turn it down,(Lord knows I tried).  I put this out to the membership at the last meeting, as I had found out just two hours before the meeting of my sentencing.  In the best interest of the Lodge, I will leave it up to the Membership, if they feel that it is a conflict of interest to have a person who is the President of a pro-police organization investigating cops, I will resign that office.  I had originally intended to resign upon finding out the news, but reached an agreement with the Board to leave it up to the Membership.  I do not want to hurt the credibility of this Lodge by my assignment and starting problems withhin the Lodge, so it will be up to the members to decide if i resign or stay on.  I would like to ask that you either send an email to a Board Member or a quick note before the meeting on June 11th and in accordance with the majority, a decision will be made publically.
    I would like to take this time to thank some members, Gerry Sheehan for all that he did for me, and hopefully will stilll be at the Sq in two years, and to the high powered supporters of this Lodge who made many phone calls on my behalf, so many in fact that when I walked in the 1st Deps office, a month ago, some inspector looked at me and said, "so you're him".  As my Lt at the Range said to me, did I ever think that I could throw the hierarchy of the NYPD into such turmoil.(no, but it was fun)
    Lastly, as the summer quickly approaches I would like to take the time to wish all of you and your families a safe and enjoyable summer, and remember, Stay Safe and wear your vest.

Piracy on the low seas:
    I want to thank Dan Campell and his son.  ONn May 14, I had to respond to a fire-rescue call of three man drowning on Walton Lake, while responding and waiting the arrival of our rescue boat, I saw two men fishing a few yards off shore, I guess my jumping up and down and frantic gesturing convinced them to come ashore where I commandeered their boat.  Shortly afterwards the three men were brought to shore and the Campells finished their fishing.  Thanks to Dan and his son, who is about to become a State Trooper, this story had a happy ending.

Monroe PD
Congratulations to Alex Melchiore on his promotion to the newly created position of Lieutenant(  remember Alex, that is how you spell it and not just Lt.)
Congratulations to Laura Foley on her promotion to Sergeant.

Police Officer Edward Dippel
    While the NYPD still says that they have no record of PO Dippel being killed in the Line of Duty on July 19,1863 and therefore is not listed on the NYPD Memorial Wall or the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall, steps are being taken to correct this.  The Lodge has copies of the New York Timee and the NY Tribune from the dates of his wounding and the dates of his death, desccribing the incident and the Commands that he was assigned to as well as a copy of the officail proclamation by the Superintendent of Police( he, himself recovering from near fatal wounds suffered the day before Dippel's wounding) announcing the death of Officer Dippel.  Upon the arrival of a few more pieces of paperwork including his death certificate, the entire package will be turned over to the Police Commissoner and other authorities to have his name included on all the Police Memorials.

June Awardees:
    There will be four officers honored this onth with our Life saving Awards:
Trooper Victor Pirtle   Trp F NYSP
Trooper Gail Reilly      Trp F NYSP
Sgt Richard Denehy   OCSO
Inv. Paul Arteta          OCSO

1st Annual Summer Picnic
    The FOP 1st Annual Summer Picnic will be held Saturday  June 30th at Smith Clove Park, Monroe.  There will be food and refreshements. games for the kids and parents and entertainment provided.  Cost will be free.  Thats right, as a thank you for your support throughout the year we want to return something to our membership, so bring your family and have fun. Times are from 11-5

1st Annual FOP Nam Knights Poker Run
    On June 23, the Lodge along with the Nam Knights will be hosting a Law Enforcement Poker Run with the proceeds going to the Wall.  The registration  starts at 0830 at the Legion and the Run goes throughout 50 miles of scenic Orange County Roads.  Cost $20.00 driver and $10.00 per rider, food and refreshments provided after the ride back at the Legion. Prizes given for best time, worst time and best hand and deadman's hand.

Guest Speakers:
    If you the member have any ideas of who you would like to have as guest speakers, please let the Board know and we will contact them about speaking.  We are looking for speakers who appeal to the members and wouldn't mind hiking up to the north 40.

Summer Meetings

    Remember, we meet throughout the Summer, while many of us are away on vacation, we will still be here on the second Monday of July and August.  Also August is our BBQ meeting so plan on having fun and attending.

Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.