Senator William J. Larkin, Jr.


Whereas, It is our sense that the quality and sanctity of community life are cherished values, worthy of safeguarding, and it is moved to honor those individuals who would serve to protect them; lauding larticularly those who have demonstrated unwavering courage and dedication in the daily performance of such duty to serve and protect; and

Whereas, The Fraternal Order of Police was organized in New York State in 1979 to promote the safety of its members as well as the general public, most notably through programs educating teenagers about the dangers of driking and driving, and

Whereas, The Hudson Valley Fraternal Order of Police Memorial Lodge is dedicated to Police Officer Jason D. Conklin, who was tragically killed while working to preserve the safety of his community; and

Whereas, Officer Conklin was a lifetime resident of the Orange County community; one who will always be remembered by his family, friends, and all those in law enforcement as a shining star who brightened the lives of all who knew him; Therefore be it

Proclaimed, That this Office shall reserve January 7th, 1998 in honor of the dedication of the Jason D. Conklin Memorial Lodge by the Hudson Valley Fraternal Order of Police.

Senator William J. Larkin, Jr.
New York State Senate
39th District