March 2000

President's Message :
March 2000

As this Board works harder to serve its members better, we will be trying new things, ranging from experimenting with the layout of the newsletter, to getting more guest speakers and more benefits for our members.

    First, I would like to thank the entire Conklin Family for the excellent Venison Dinner they put on for the Lodge.  We had about 150 people attend, and every year it seems to grow by both reputation and word of mouth. Thanks to the Lodge Board and Members who helped.  All the money raised that night and for the rest of the year will go towards the Orange County Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall.  This month we are putting the deposit down on the stone for the Wall and we will be on our way.  I will be having a meeting with the County Executive since the County has yet to take possession of the Court House, so I want to see where that puts us, and see if we are still on track for August 21,2000.

    The St. Patrick's Day Parade will be held in Middletown on March 12.  We are trying to get more members to march under our banner, so if anyone wants to march, please contact the Hotline where we will have all the information available.  It will be either uniform of the day or business suit, no windbreakers. We have worked hard the last 2 1/2 years, so let's show how professional we are.

    This month's meeting will be catered by the Board Members.  We will have some traditional Irish meals for everyone, so bring a new member with you.  We will also be holding the House Raffle drawing - ticket holders are admitted free.

    I am sure that by now many of you have seen the Times-Herald Record editorial about the expendability of cops.  I fired off a response immediately and contacted the PBA, DEA, SBA, LBA, CEA, Kingston PD and Ulster Sheriff's Office with a copy of the editorial and my response.  Copies were printed up and handed out to about 200 NYPD cops a day for a week.  Judging from the responses in the paper, it hit quite a raw nerve.  I am trying to get the Record's editor and the editorial author to attend the next meeting so we all can discuss it, so far no responses.

    Lastly, stay safe and remember wear your vest.

Welcome to Our New Members:

Mike Sanford - Town of Tuxedo PD
David Pritchard - Washingtonville PD
Michael F. Paris  - NYPD

 Technology Warning

    The Lodge has received numerous e-mails about modern technology.  We have all seen these live action  cop shows where we view everything from the cop's dash video camera.  They are now becoming very active in the tri-state area.  It is strongly recommended of all our Lodge members that when they are pulled over to remember, once the lights and sirens goes on, so does the recording devices.  When pulled over, stop your car, turn on your interior lights, turn your car off, place the keys on the roof of your car, place your shield/ID in your lap, and your hands on the steering wheel or dash board, say nothing until spoken to.  After the officer sees your ID, do not get into a confrontation (we are our own worst enemy), and let the on duty officer decide the course of action.  Remember that video camera can also be used to hurt him/her too.  Usually when the camera comes on, there will be some source of indication in the grille of the RMP, usually a yellow light. Check for this in the rear view mirror, and do not increase the officers anxiety level by looking around.  Remember the NYPD Highway Patrol is experimenting with this technology and remember the NYPD's propensity for cd's for off duty behavior.  When pulled over, remember to stay calm, not combative and to think.  This is one of our biggest compliants from other agencies.

NY Yankees Trip.

    The Lodge will be hosting a NY Yankee vs Toronto bus trip.  The usual amenities will be supplied.  More information will be available at the March and April Meeting.  All proceeds will go to the Memorial Wall.

E - Mail

    We are trying to update our email files.  If you are unsure that you want to submit your e mail, contact a member who has.  We use it to supply timely and more in depth info then we can do with our newsletter, since some of the material is sensitive, and we can have more control over the e mail.

 Phone Deal:

    Lodge 957 is working on a new cellular phone deal.  It consists of 250 free minutes and weekends, no roaming fees among the 914,212,718,516, 203 and other local area codes.

    The package includes;
Free 250 free minutes monthly(NY Area) no roaming fees   $26.99 monthly
Free 400 free minutes             $36.99 monthly
10% FOP discount on all equipment purchased with 250 Minute plan or higher
Free cigarette adapter or leather case
Free weekends
Free paging (250 min or higher plan)
Free Internet email
Free Fox News  Headlines
Free Voice Mail and Caller ID
Free Call Waiting
Free Reminder service (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Monthly meeting reminders on your phone)
No Landline fees
No PIN Codes
No Fine Print- no hidden fees
No Static- Digital technology

Digital phones start at $49.99 each.More information will be available at the meeting.
To order the phones, contact Ed McKenna (retired NYPD) @ 516-868-5008


    * To Jimmy Kehoe on his promotion to Captain, NYPD
    * Congratulations to John Krol 94 Sq on being named Detective of the Month for November by the NYPD Detectives Endowment Association.

Bio Page:

    We were unable to get the Bio in time to print but one of our members Tucker Gray submitted a poem he wrote several years ago for two Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty.

            I stir awake and rub my lids
and hear the warm sounds of my wife and kids

            I shower and shave
            have a cup of Joe
        but the clock has moved
   's time to go

        I kiss the kids, hug my wife
    nothing is wrong, I love my life

        I arrive at work, pin on my shield
   I straighten my hat....and it's out to the field

        I walk my beat.. to protect and serve
                I swore to do this
            It's what the people deserve

        I talk with the old and laugh with the kids
        Maybe give a buck to the guy on the skids

        Out of the doorway.. comes a man with a gun
               Takes a look at me and begins to run

            We run a few blocks when it starts to rain
            He turned on me and took careful aim

            The bullet comes fast and goes deep in my chest
                  I fall to the ground...I need a rest

            I swear...I smell coffee and hear the kids
            As I fight the wieght of my closing eyelids

                    In my heart of hearts
                      I know for sure
                That I just walked.... my last tour

                        But take hearts lads
                        I'm in Heaven now

                    So shed a tear.... but no more then two.

                    For when you walk that lonely foot post
                      I'm always walking right beside you.

    Tucker Xavier Gray NYPD

Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.