March 2001

President's Message :
This year is shaping up to be a very busy one, the Lodge has a lot of things on schedule for the upcoming year and we should be busy every month. Stay tuned to see what is planned monthly.

    At the last meeting we discussed a lot about pistol permits, we are working very hard on the permits for our members.  As I explained to some of our elected officials and to some of the heirarchy of the NYPD that if pistol permits are being delayed now, imagine when the mass exodus starts at the end of this year we might be backed up several years.  I have spoken to representatives at the Sheriff's Office and several elected officials have spoken to the Office and it seems the one stumbling block for the NYPD guys is the "good guy letter" officially known as the Pistol Inquiry Index .  I am trying to arrange a meeting with Commissioner Kerik to discuss this matter, and I am awaiting a reply, my request was hand delivered to him and I know he received it.  I will keep the membership informed.

    In an attempt to make the process easier, we have arranged with Dennis Serpi of MasterClass Shooters Supply who donated his Range for the day for retired law enforcement officers to get a refresher course, there will be more inside this issue.  This has also been offered to Rockland County law enforcement who are going through similar problems.

    The March Meeting will be our usual St. Patrick's Meeting with the usual traditional foods, our guest speaker will be Chief Michael Scagnelli, NYPD  and head of the Honor Legion.  We will also have Mrs Barbara Dunn from Nancy Calhoun's office who has been a big help in the Pistol Permit quagmire, she will help us through this process.

    Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, the Orange County Parade will be in Highland Falls where member John Whiffen is Chief of Police.  We will assemble at the Legion by 1100 and leave the Legion at 1200, we request either uniform of the day or proper business attire, kids are welcomed.  Coffee and bagels will be served at the Legion.  The Parade steps off at 1300.  Any member wanting to bring a Department Car is encouraged.

    Lastly, stay safe and remember to wear your vest.

    The Lodge is happy to announce that Bob Mednick, former CO,BXTF and a long time veteran of the NYPD Pension Section will be at the March Meeting to discuss some of the Pension Options available to the members.  Bob has written a brief article for the newsletter  about some of the recent changes in the Pension Laws affecting Law Enforcement Officers.

 Retired Law Enforcement Pistol Refresher Course

    Dennis Serpi of Masterclass Shooters Supplies has graciously donated his Range for Saturday April 21,2001 starting at 9:00.  The Lodge is offering a free pistol refresher course to all retired or active Law Enforcement Officers, they don't even have to be members of the FOP.  We will have professional Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors to work with everyone, one on one, we will have a professional experienced gunsmith on hand to make any repairs to hand guns and we will check all firearms free.
All shooters will be required to attend a brief safety lecture to refresh themselves and we will invite all the sitting judges who sign off on Pistol Permits to attend to show them that we take the responsibility of carrying a firearm seriously.

    For more information or to register for this free course, please call Tom Carton at 845-782-9497.


    To Mike O'Riordan on his recent promotion to Lt, NYPD.

Special Offer:

    Major Al Martin, CO NYSP Troop F, has entered and agreement with Major Leage Baseball to sell one of his photos of the second Game of the Subway World Series.  Major Martin has offered the photo to the Lodge at a greatly reduced rate with a portion of the proceeds going to the Memorial Wall.  We will have a sample at the meeting with more information.

Membership Cards

    We have started to receive the State and National FOP Cards and Stickers, we will be sending them out shortly, we are trying to coordinate it with the mailing of the newsletter.  We are not alone with these cards, it is a Statewide problem so please keep this in mind when you waylay the Board members.

April Meeting:

    The guest Speaker for April will be John Snydervich and Tony Senftt of the NYPD Self Support Group who will explain about their groups and their devastating injuries.  We have asked Pat Bodnar to head up our own Support Group and will be launching that soon.

May Meeting

    The Guest Speaker for the May Meeting will be Orange County DA Frank Phillips.  Mr. Phillips has said that he looking forward to the meeting and will answer questions from the floor.

Future Guest Speakers.

    We are trying to pin down two repeat guest speakers former NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller now with ABC News and Mike Sheehan, former NYPD Detective and Fox 5 reporter, we have spoken to both of them and are trying to arrange the schedules.

Family Picnic.

    The Lodge will be hosting their first Family Picnic at Smith Clove Park, Monroe on June 30th, more at the meeting.

 Poker Run.

    The Lodge will be co-hosting the First Annual Law Enforcement Poker Run with the Nam Knights, a Law Enforcement motorcycle club.  It will be held in June and cover about 60 miles of scenic Orange County. 

Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.