March 2002

President's Message :
President's Column:

Thank you all for the understanding for my whirlwind appearance at the last meeting. We finally got power back about eleven o clock.  The one thing I left out with my debacle in redoing my kitchen was the trip to the doctors for stepping on a 16 penny nail and getting it stuck in my foot.  When I retire, I have decided I will not take up home construction.

    The one matter that keeps coming up at every meeting is the issue of gun permits.  I am asking that all our member who are planning to retire shortly start the process early.  We will have all the necessary paperwork available at all the meetings.  It is imperative that this is done 6 months before you retire.  When the permit is ready, please contact a Board member and we will explain the next step.  I have gotten several phone calls from retired guys who have been issued a target permit.  We are working on getting this reversed, however, it is difficult, so to save us the trouble, please contact us before you submit it.

    I have been working very hard on the matter of pistol permits.  I have gathered the breakdown of active NYPD cops by town and I should have the breakdown of retired NYPD cops by town.  I will be contacting the local departments for the same information, once that is gathered I can present rock hard facts of the weight we can carry here, and I can now go to the powers that be and say that in this year x amount of cops will be retiring and will need unrestricted permits.  One member called me and said that his new job is contingent on his having a weapon, and he is in danger of losing that job if his permit is not approved.  He is getting top priority on this matter, but to make it easier on us, please
contact us before it is submitted.

    We are still collecting vest to send overseas, so for all you retired cops who want to clean out your closet, keep us in mind.

    Lastly as we look forward to a busy Spring, remember to Stay Safe and to wear you Vest.

To :
Tommy Powell
Jim Marus
John Leonick
amd all the others on their retirement.
If you want your retirement announced, please contact the Board or our hotline, (its easier then tracking down the orders everyday to read them).

CPR Course:

The Lodge will be hosting its free CPR Course on Saturday April 13, from 10-4.  It is open to the members and their families.  We expect a decent turnout, so we are having two sessions, on e in the morning and one in the afternoon.  It will be done on a reservation basis.  You must contact the HotLine or Board to reserve a spot.  We have space for 25 in the morning and 25 in the afternoon.  Each session will last about three hours, we will supply refreshments.

Firearms Refresher Course

    We are planning the Firearms Refresher Course, for May.  Again we expect a large turnout, in part due to 9/11.We will be contacting the sitting judges who issue permits to attend.  They will be provided
with the requirements mandated by NYS to qualify, we already exceed those requirements.  We would like to see a large turnout to show the judges that we are qualified to have an unrestricted permit.  This should become an annual event, and again, we will strive for a one on one instructorship.  We will have the date at the next meeting and information about the ammo.

Pistol Permits

    The Lodge will again have all the necessary paperwork for pistol permits at all the meetings, if we know in advance that a lot of members will be requesting the paperwork, we will arrange to have the fingerprinting done at the meetings to save our members the trip to Goshen.  Please keep the Board advised if you need the paperwork, and when you plan to retire.  This last part is very important.  We will assist you as much as possible to help you in getting your permits(unrestricted) If there remains a problem with the retired cops getting permits and losing employment we will go to the press about this, but we need you help, in advance.  You can calll the president on the hotline or email him at, but put in the subject line Pistol Permits.  Due to receiving recent viruses, anything without a subject or an unrecognized sender is deleted.

March Meeting

    The March 11th meeting will be our annual St. Patrick's Day meeting with corned beef and cabbage and the usual trimmings.  The Board will once again be doing the cooking with the fire department standing by(we have always managed to contain the fire to just one or two ovens.)

    The guest speaker for the March 11th meeting will be Chief John Corcoran, CO of the Orange County Narcotics Unit.  John has done fantastic things up here with his team, and does a great presentation.

Retired Members:

    If you have had a problem getting your pistol permit,or had any difficulties with a judge in getting your permit, please e-mail Tom Carton at  We need all the horror stories if we are to correct thismatter. The Boaord has taken several steps to recitfy this matter, and we ask your indulgence.  If you plan to retire shortly, contact the Board, we recommend getting your permit at least six months before you retire.  Again, very important, before you apply for your permit, see the Board.

This is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.