May 2001

President's Message :
Well, I didn't think it would happen, the summer actually looks like it will arrive.  The last issue was written as I was watching the snow fall, and I thought it would never stop, but now as I write this column I can actually see my yard.

    We had to reschedule our guest speakers for April, John snydervich and Tony Senftt of the Police Self Support Group, John was called to work that night and he was Tony's ride up from LI, so we will keep you posted on when the will come up next.

    Our first Firearms refresher course was a success, we had twenty retired cops from different agencies who came up and took part in it.  They had a quick safety lecture, firearms were checked and and they were brought out to the Range and had one on one instruction any problems with the guns were repaired free, and as usual food was provided.  I want to thank the following for making the day a success, Dennis Serpi of MasterClass Shooters Supplies for donating the Range to us for the day, and to the NYPD Firearms Instructors who volunteered their day off to work, Steve Albanese, gunsmith, who fixed the guns, member Rodney Krinke,member Daryl Corti, Steve Tellone, Jimmy Pope, Larry Finnerty, Chuck Lavine, Pete Tetukevich, and Larry Bennet.  I want to also thank the Record for their fair coverage of the course, we even had Judge Carol Klein who issues the permits attend and she was impressed with the course, so it looks like we achieved some of our goals.

    On a personal note,  never fully realized just how far the support of this Lodge goes.  For 51/2 months, my father a retired NYPD Sgt and Lodge Member has been sick in Columbia Pres.  Every day my family was there to be with him through some very dark days, and every day we were met by Lodge Member Jerry Gibbs, who works there and greeted us with words of encouragement and always willing to help my family with anything.  The kindness and friendship shown by Jerry and the rest of the Security Staff and Hospital Staff who all appear to be supporters of Law Enforcement, make the long hours put into this Lodge behind the scenes well worth the time spent.  Jerry, you have the undying gratitude of my family, and I think that the parking spot can be freed up now, thanks.

    Lastly, please remember that this May 15th is Police Memorial Day, maybe we can all put a blue ribbon on our car antennae as a reminder of their supreme sacrifice, I always wear one next to my shield at work, and I will be putting a blue light in my window on that day.

    Remember, Stay safe and to wear your vest,

Get Well

    To editor Efrain Oyola who broke his foot during some training
    To Mike Dename who was injured in a motorcycle accident.
    To Tom Carton father of Tom Carton who just returned home after 51/2 months in the Hospital


    It was brought to the attention of the Board that several members were attending a family function when one of the family members choked and collapsed, there were several officers present who jumped in and started Cardio Pulmonary Resuscutation.  The family member pulled through and it was brought to light that if the two officers were not there, the family member would have died.  On that note in an attempt to help our families the Lodge has contracted with a Red Cross Instructor to teach CPR to our family members free, upon completion of the course they will be certified in CPR.  The Lodge would like to have a rough head count of who would be interested so we can reserve a large enough classroom to teach, so please inform the Board at the meeting or email or voice mail.

CellPhone Guns:

    It has been brought to the Lodge's attention that a firm in Florida is selling a two shoot derringer disguished as a cell phone.  This guns on quick inspection will pass as a cell phone but is in fact a two shot .22 gun, we advise all members to be aware, and as soon as we can get a good picture of one we will puyblish it in the newsletter.


    As many of you know there are going to be mass retirements coming up soon, please drop the Lodge a note and we will but you in the newsletter .

Gun Permits

    The Sheriffs Office has been at the last two meeting to fingerprint and start the process for gun permits, we will have them again at this meeting for those who would like to start the process . If you are interested you must bring a Postal Money Order for $74.00 to NYSDCJS and a $10.00 Postal Money order to Orange County Clerk.

Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.