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Tentatively scheduled for August 19th, 2000, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #957 will dedicate Orange County's Police Memorial Wall that will be located in Goshen, NY.  This wall will honor all officers killed in the line of duty who were either residents of Orange County or who worked in Orange County.

Monroe Lodge to Construct County Police Memorial
Memorial Stone to be placed in front of government center in Goshen

The Fraternal Order of Police Jason D. Conklin Memorial Lodge in Monroe is seeking assistance from the residents of Orange County to construct a police memorial that will honor police officers who were killed in the line of duty.  The memorial stone will recognize all those law enforcement officers who either lived or worked in the county since the county was first established.  According to lodge past president Neil O'Riordan, members of the local FOP Lodge have been conducting extensive research through the internet, New York City Police Department, and other sources to locate the names of every Orange County officer who was killed in the line of duty.  The FOP is also receiving research assistance from the county historian, who is looking through records from as far back as the early 1800s.  However, lodge members are hoping that members of the community will also provide the lodge with additional names.  "We don't want to forget any of these individuals when we put up the memorial stone," O'Riordan said, noting the FOP is seeking names of any police officers, constables, or other law enforcement officers from as far back as possible.  According to O'Riordan, the memorial stone will be placed in front of the Orange County Government Center sometime in 1999.  The stone will be well-lit adn surrounded by flags for additional prominence, he said.  Anyone with information about fallen officers should contact the FOP's voice mailbox at 774-3283.

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While our research is not done yet, we have uncovered the following names, which we are verifying.  We are trying to contact survivors.

P.O. Edward Dippel 7/19/1863 Metropolitan Police Department (now NYPD) Shot while quelling riots after the Battle of Gettysburg
Tpr. Carl T. Wilder 9/7/28 NYSP Shot and killed on Tuxedo-Greenwood Lake Highway
P.O. John L. Mackechnie 3/18/49 Port Jervis PD
Tpr. John F. Cotter 10/21/70 NYSP Car accident returning to Middletown barracks
P.O. William M. Robinson 11/18/73 Newburgh PD
Tpr. William V. McDonagh 12/14/75 NYSP Shot in Sugar Loaf
P.O. Robert J. Betanzos 7/12/77 City of Newburgh PD Struck by a hit & run driver
Tpr. James A. Kelley 8/8/80 NYSP Car Accident
Investigator Richard B. Snyder 9/20/84 NYSP
Derrick Matthew Schultz 7/20/87 USMA/West Point
P.O. John Machuca 2/10/89 Cornwall PD Car Accident
P.O. Robert D'Egidio 4/11/91 Cornwall on Hudson PD Car Accident
Tpr. Nathaniel Burroughs 2/14/97 NYSP Stopped to help stranded motorist on the Quickway and was struck by a vehicle
P.O. Jason D. Conklin 8/21/97 Village of Tuxedo Park PD Car Accident

This is not a complete list.  We are checking with the NYPD Pension Section now to get the names of officers and we will be contacting all the departments in Orange County to make sure that no officer is excluded.  When we first started this project, we thought that maybe there would be only three or four names on the list, but by research we are finding more.  We want to make sure that those Officers and their families are not forgotten, regardless of how long ago they made their supreme sacrifice.  If any member had any information, please contact us at either our mailbox, website, hotline, or at

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