November 2000

President's Message :

    Well now the World Series is over and the details are winding down and we prepare to settle in for the long winter ahead, we are trying to plan for some interesting guest speakers.  We are trying to go through our contacts to reach out to some Yankees and Mets players who are still in the City and will try to get at least one of them to come up after some wheeling and dealing, we will keep you updated if we are successful.  We are always looking for guest speakers and if anyone knows of one, please let us know and we will try to arrange something, remember, the more speaking they do, the less speaking I have to do.

    November is the deadline for dues.  The State requires us to have the dues processed shortly in order to keep the benefits for our members, and Frank Keegan has to add and delete the same names monthly to update the State Records in order to ensure the members receive their cards and stickers more quickly this time, we have to work with the constraints put upon us by the State.  The State has a new Board elected at the annual convention and we will be asking the new State President Frank Ferrera to attend one of our monthly meetings to go over our benefits.

    For the members who have chosen not to renew their dues, we ask that you drop us a line telling us why you have chosen not to renew.  We have established a letter to the editor section and have opened the floor to question to clear up any unfinished business and to answer any question that a member might have, and I have said before that we will answer any question no matter how painful or embarassing it may be, this is the only way to keep this Lodge functioning freely by not hiding anything from the members, so far these venues really haven't been used and by using them it helps the Board steer in the right direction.

    I want to thank Frank Cush, Frank Keegan and Tom Viserta for all their hard work along with the OC Shields AOH and the Knights of Columbus for making the racket for John Rudden a success.  It was the first time all four organizations ran a function together and it was a success.

    The Lodge will be organizing a Poker Run next Spring along with the Nam Knights, so if you know any motorcycle groups or riders who would be interested in raising money for the Wall let us know and we will keep everyone updated.  This will be the 1st Annual Law Enforcement Poker Run( no outlaw groups though) going throughout Orange County and will be open to everyone, we will have more information as we finalize everything.  We will need several volunteers(give the Board a break) so think about it.

    The Lodge has been concerned about the dietary intake of the members at the meetings and we have switched the menu monthly, members were complaining about the same food monthly, thiswas not done as a cost saving measure but to have a better variety available, so far the food has been prepared by the Board, thanks to the Recording Secretary the new Mrs Tracey Bailey for the Lasagna and to my wife Marjorie for the meatballs.  If any member wants to exhibit their culinary skills, let us know, if anyone wants a particular meal also let us know, we will continue this until the OC Department of Health tells us their complaints have reached epidemic proportions.

    Unfortunately, last month I omitted in my column the help given to us by Joey Andujar and his wife and children, they all worked with us at the Monroe Cheese Festival for the entire day, the kids worked non stop(just shows the importance of the save button, I had mentioned them in the first draft but didn't save it and forgot to save this column also which is why I am doing it a second time) Again thanks to the Andujar family for all their help.

    The Lodge will be hosting an adult Christmas Party, we will dispense with the business meeting on the second Monday and hold the Party on Friday December 15th at the Legion it wil be a catered affair with an open bar, we will have more details at the meeting and more in the next newsletter, it is open to spouses and dates(don't get confused and bring both).

     On behalf of the Board and our families we wish you and your families a safe happy and healthy Thanksgiving

    Lastly, remember stay safe and wear your vest.

Get Well Wishes
To Efrain Oyola on his recent operations for his knee, at home recovering peacefully(he doesn't have me breathing over his shoulder about deadlines)

To Larry Bennet's mother finally out of the hospital and home recovering from a long illness and a heart attack.


    The Lodge has decided to endorse the following candidates for elected office this Election Day and it is encouraged for our members to remember these FOP friendly elected officials on Election Tuesday.

Congress: Ben Gilman-20th District
                Sue Kelly -19th District
NYS Senate  Bill Larkin 39th District-Lodge Member
                    John Bonacic 40th District
                    Tom Morahan 38th District
NYS Assembly Nancy Calhoun 94th District-Lodge Member
                       Howard Mills  95th District -Lodge Member
                       Tom Kirwan 96th District-Retired NYSP Lt.

These elected officials have supported us in all our endeavors and most have attended our meetings, now it is time to show them our support.

    To newly elected New York State FOP President- Frank Ferrera.Frank will be taking over the reins from Bob Lucente both of whom have attended our meetings in the past.  We wish Frank good luck on his new office and also a job well done to Bob.  Bob has always been there for this Lodge from the beginning and numerous phone calls throughout our existance.