November 2001

President's Message :
President's Column:

   As we get deeper into the Fall, and hopefully everyone's work schedule is starting to return to as much as normal as possible.  We have members working 12 hours at Ground Zero, or the Landfill, we even have members at the Indian Point Nuclear Site patrolling.  To you membrs, I say thank you for a job well done, the public is not aware of the sacrifices that you are making in time away from you families, nor the emotional tolls that some of these duties entail.
    I have spoken to several of our members while at the Landfill and have heard what they had to say, and just being there, but they keep plugging along, hoping to make a difference in some family's life.
    So much has been written and spoken about the deeds and efforts of the members of Law Enforcement and rescue services, many of them are our members, we the Board are proud of your efforts to help this country recover from the worst attack ever witnessed on our soil.
    As we approach the holiday seasons let us remember the 23 NYPD, 43 PAPD, and 343 FDNY rescue workers who were lost and the 5000 victims of the Trade Center Attack, 62 of whom lived in Orange County.  Please keep them and their loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.
Lastly, remember stay safe and wear your vests.

Helping Hands:
    The Lodge will be establishing a counseling service, we have spoken to several professional services who will lend us a hand.  If any of our members or their family is finding this ordeal too much to handle, please give us a call use Tom's home number 782-9497 and we will get someone to talk to you and it will all be strictly confidential.  The members of this Lodge are here to help each other.  We will expand this service soon to other victims living here in Orange.

Christmas Dinner:
The First Annual Christmas Dinner will be held at the American Legion on Saturday Dec 8 from 1900 on.  This will be a catered affair with an open bar.  Tickets are $35.00 each or $50.00 a couple, deadline for the tickets are November 26.  Contact the Board.

Heating Fuel:
As the heating season is upon us., we have entered into an agreement with SOS Fuels in Tuxedo, lock in today and the max you will pay for the season is $1.19 a gallon, right now it is about 90 cents a gallon.  This is a good deal with 10 months to pay off the balance.  Contact Robert Spiegel at 351-4700, and for every member who signs up, SOS will donate $25.00 to our Memorial Wall.


Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.