October 2000

President's Message :
Due to the UN General Assembly, some of our Board members were not able to make the meeting(I did 90 hours of o/t the previous week)and we had to stall our swearing in ceremony which will be done at this meeting.  We did not make the announcement at the last meeting until everything was finalized but all the positions have been filled and the new Board members have been approved by the Board in accordance with the by-laws.
    Our new Vice President is Dom Giudice and our new Recording Secretary is the recently married Tracy Ortlieb.  Congratulations and welcome aboard to the two new Members.  We are always trying to improve this Lodge and the way it  functions to help our members.
    We started the last meeting with a question and answer period, it went well and we will now be opening every meeting with a question and answer period, so the members can express whatever is on their minds.  As a reminder we also have started with this issue a letter to the editor section so members can state anything that they want to, to increase the coomunication between the Board, Members and the State.
    The October meeting will be the Candidates Night, we will have several politicians coming to the meeting to discuss what they are going to do for you and will give us the opportunity to ask them questions in an open format.  The candidates will have to keep to a time constraint so as not to consume the entire meeting.
    The September meeting we tried different food, cooked by members Efrain and Nilda Oyola, judging from the amount of leftovers(there were none) it seemed to be a success, we will try to have different food at every meeting with special attention to the Holidays, to vary our menu, so let your friends know the food has changed and come and try it.
    We had a special guest at the Last Meeting, Constable Steve Wynn of  the Sussex Constabulary, England, he presented the Lodge with a statue of a Bobby helping two children as a thank you for the Lodge equipping him and several of his friends with bulletproof vests.  Steve even told us a story of wearing the vest when he effected the arrest of a perp with a gun(known not to exist in England).  Gun violence is on the rise in england and the Lodge will be putting together another shipment of vests to England shortly.
    Lastly, October is the renewal month for dues, we will give the members until November to renew or we will be forced to drop their names from the Roster as required by the State and National Lodge, by so doing the member will lose their benefits, so for your convienence we have again included an application in this issue of the newsletter.
    And as always, stay safe and wear your vests.

    To Gerry Sheehan and his family on the passing of his father.

Get Well
    To Jake Conklin recovering from a recent illness.


    To  Dan Doellinger on his recent wedding

Thank You
    Thanks to the members of the Lodge who showed up on Saturday Sept 23 to help with the Child ID Kits that the Lodge did at the Monroe Cheese Festival.  The weather held off some people but the Lodge still fingerprinted and photographed over 220 children free.

Special Thanks
    To Dr Kenneth Tobey, his Staff and Family for their assistance at teh Cheese Festival, we worked with Dr. Tobey in conjunction with Kids Day America 2000 where Chiropractors plug children safety.  Dr Tobey and crew let us use their facilities to set up and they went around selling saplings to raise money for the Memorial Wall, and provided food juice, soda and water for the members who showed up and even presented the Lodge with a plaque for helping him, again, thanks Doc.

Upcoming Events
    The November Meeting will be the Annual Turkey Shoot, more details at the October Meeting.
    There will be a driver safety course soon, with the cost being $15.00 for the Members and their families and $30.00 for non members, we will also provide free VIN Etching.
     Eagle Scout Recognition Day will be coming up soon, more details at the October meeting.

For Sale:
    The Lodge will have the New Memorial Wall Sweatshirts for sale at the next meeting, the tee shirts all sold and we will be odering more, we still have  a few Fry Mumia Tee shirts for who ever wants to send a message to the bleeding heart liberals who disregard the supreme sacrifice that some cops make.