October 2001

President's Message :
President's Column:

   9-11 will always have a different meaning to us now.  911 is what the public calls when they need help, and those of us in our profession respond to all 911 calls.  On 9-11 hundreds of cops, firemen, and emt's responded, almost four hundred did not come home.  There is no community in the tri-state area left untouched by this horrendous act. We see the funerals being conducted daily, without the proper turnout that these heroes deserve, due to the work load.  Having spent some time at Ground Zero and witnessing the devastation, is mind boggling, however witnessing the efforts of the rescue workers is more mind boggling.  There are rescue workers from all over the world.  Right now Cops, Firemen, EMT's, we are all brothers.  I witnessed cops and firemen from around the country as they were being dismissed and returning home, grab onto other rescue workers from the NYC area, with tears in their eyes, just hugging, or slapping others on the back with just a," Hang in there".  That little statement says it all.
As we try to get back to normalcy, we think of our fallen brothers in the NYPD, FDNY, EMS and PAPD, who did what the train for, they ran into danger as the others were running away, their selfless deeds have brought about a new opinion of the people who risk their lives so that others may enjoy theirs.  Please let us remember the 400+ rescue workers and especially their families who are still awaiting word of their loved ones, as they plan their funerals and memorial services, let our members try to make as many of these as possible.
As we try to return to normalcy, let us try to remember that we cannot let our guard down, we have to have a heightened sense of duty, to perform our jobs and to return home, and how this all affects our families.  As we attempt to return to normalcy, rest assured, this Lodge will be here to assist any of our members who need to talk, we will make ourselves available to help anyone who wants it.  We are here for you.
Remember thos 6,000 innocent people who went to work that Tuesday morning like every other morning and will never return, many from our area, let us not forget them.
On the way down to the City on Sept 11, I passed a lot of Police Departments, and I observed a lot of Police Departments from our area pitching in from digging to directing traffic, I think every Department was represented in Orange County and the surrounding counties.  Thank you to all the Chiefs who sent their cops down to help, some of whom are still there working.  To the men and women of the NYPD, FDNY, EMS and other law enforcement agencies who are still doing 7 days a week, twelve hour tours,God Bless and have a safe tour.
Lastly, as we turn to the Fall, remember drive safely, with all the wet leaves out there, we don't need any more statistics, and remember Stay Safe and Wear your Vest.



    To Geoff and Jeanne Hawthorne on the passing of Jeanne's father, Retired Detective Dennis Lynch of the NYPD Mayor's Detail and Hwy 1

October Meeting:
The October meeting is still scheduled for Oct 8, however there will be no guest speakers, no awards, just a night for the membership to relax and enjoy an easy night after the last two-three weeks, you have earned it.

Dunkin Donuts

The Lodge has received an e-mail from the member of another Lodge who states that the owner of a Dunkin Donuts in Cedar Grove NJ, was observed burning a US flag and in Little Falls NJ a customer observed a US Flag on the floor of the Store with Arabic writing scribbled on it. We will try to verify this with the parent organization, but some are calling for a boycott of Dunkin Donuts.

CPR Course:
As of now the free CPR course is schedule for October 21, we will be taking reservations for the first 20 people who call 782-9497, the date might have to change since the instructor is an NYPD officer who's schedule is up in the air right now.

Firearms Refresher Course
This free firearms refressher/safety course will be held in November at Dennis Serpi's MasterClass Shooters Supplies Range in Monroe, the date will be finalized shortly depending upon the availability of the instructors.

Christmas Party
Our first annual Christmas Party and Dinner Dance will be Saturday December 8,2001 from 1900 to ? at the American Legion Hall in Monroe.  The evening will be all inclusive with entertainment and prizes.  Deadline for tickets will be November 23.  More info as to the catered menu in the next newsletter.

Renewal for the Lodge will be the month of October, we have to have all the paperwork into the State by the end of the month so our members do not lose their benefits.  We will arrange for a member of the State Board to attend one of our meetings to describe all of State and National benefits, and we will keep you updated as to your local benefits.

SOS Fuel Oil.
SOS Fuel has offered our members discounted heating oil, with an installment payment plan, with a locked in price of $1.19 a gallon.  For more information call Robert Sterling at SOS Oil 845-351-4700.

Thank You.
To NYS Assemblyman Tom Kirwan, Newburgh, former NYS Trooper, who is trying to inroduce a bill to the NYS Legislature to increase the NYS sales tax from 4% to 4.5% thus raising an additional $225 million  annually to raise the pay of the NYPD and FDNY by $15,000.


Dear FOP Brothers & Sisters, A family member of mine, Ted Grabowy in Florida has decided to give a 15% discount to all members of law enforcement & Firefighters in honor of those who have served our nation. He has a motel named Beach Haven on the beach in St. Pete Beach, Florida. His website is at http://www.beachhaventmvillas.com and he can be reached by email at beachhaventm.aol.com and telephone (727) 367-8642 & Fax (727) 360-8202. God Bless Everyone, John R. Krol


Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.