President's Message
Recap of September's Meeting
Recap of October's Meeting

President's Message
The September meeting was a success, with very moving speeches by members of the Police Self Support Group.  The group is made up of members of various departments who have been seriously injured.  They have also expanded to include officers suffering from cancer.  What the group does is talk to law officers about the ordeal dealing with their injuries or illnesses.  Since the group suffers from the same injuries and illnesses, they can better relate to the individuals that they are helping and supporting.
Thank you to Detective 1st Grade Tony Senft of the NYPD Bomb Squad and retired Detective John Snidersich of the NYPD Street Crime Unit for their tales and moving description of how they were injured.
The meeting was even more moving when Tony Senft met, for the first time in almost 17 years, the man who pulled him out of the bomb blast debris.  Tony never saw the face of the man or got to thank him, until the meeting.  That man was our own Treasurer Harry Dobson.  The exchange between these two men left very few dry eyes in the hall.
Both Tony and John stress that the Police Self Support Group, which is not looking for new members, is there to help us.  All you have to do is call.

September's Meeting
September awardees
Officer Carl DeMarco, City of Newburgh PD
Officer Vincent DeSalto, City of Newburgh PD
Officer Daryl Madion, NYPD

In addition to our September awardees, we presented two other awards.  They were presented to Barbara Bedell of the Times Herald Record, and Peggy Gavan of the Photo News.  Barbara was recognized for her continuing support to law enforcement officers and their families.  Barbara has been a friend to us since our early days and has supported us.  Peggy has been instrumental in publishing our efforts and deeds.  These two women are reporters who deserve our support.

October's Meeting
October awardee
Corporal Sal Macri, Tuxedo PD - award for 30+ years of service

Due to our scheduled guests, the October meeting was held at the Newburgh Holiday Inn.  The guest speaker was New York State Police Superintendent James McMahon, who spoke on behalf of Governor George Pataki, who was unable to attend due to a fundraiser for his re-election.

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