September 2000

President's Message :



Firstly I would like to thank all the members who came to the August election to vote.  It was a large turnout and unfortunately the food did not last as long as I would have thought.

    The results were I was re-elected President, Larry Bennet was elected Vice President, Frank Cush was  elected Treasurer, Frank Keegan Financial Secretary, John Flood re-elected Sgt at Arms, and Tom Viserta was also elected Sgt at Arms.The positions of Executive Vice President and Recording Secretary are open and the Board will be making appointments in accordance with the State and Lodge By-Laws to fill these vacancies.

    I want to thank retiring members Harry Dobson, Dave Conklin and Erwin Benz on the great job they did.  I would also like to thank Sean Franklin on being a worthy opponent for the office of President and wish him luck when he runs again.

    Other results of the elections are the term limits and one year terms were not passed by the neccessary two-thirds majority needed.  Fortunately the elections are not held that often since they seemed to have inflamed a lot of members.  I want to thank our webmistress Elisa for bearing with it and it proves that our webpage is being read.

    The August Meeting has become our BBQ meeting and it seemed to have been a success, we went thru 31/2 bushel of clams pretty fast, as well as enough burgers and hot dogs for over 100 people.  Next year we will have to plan on more food.

    As the new terms go on, please look for some changes as we listen to the members and try to incorporate those changes.  Remember, this is your Lodge.
Also remember Town of Deerpark Officer Donny Schields, who was seriously injured on Rt. 209 a few months ago, and is still recovering from his injuries.

    Lastly remember to stay safe and to wear your vests.



    There has been a lot of controversy about what time the meeting starts, we open the doors at 8:00 and start the business meeting at 8:30 so as not to interfere with any guest speakers.
As for guest speakers, if you want any particular speakers, please let the Board know and we will see about getting them.


    We will be trying different types of food at the meetings starting in September.  The October meeting will be Italian cooked by the Board since it is held on Columbus Day, any ideas for food can be passed on to the Board.


    Good Luck to George Lippi on his recent retirement from the NYPD.


    Any news for the Lodge can be emailed to or for insertion into the newsletter, any birth announcements, death announcements get wells, enagagements weddings promotions, transfers etc, we will gladly print them.

New Feature:

    We will be adding a Letter to the Editor sections for the members to air their grievances.  We will not edit the contents of the letters(no foul words, please), if the letter poses a question for the Board it will be answered in print.  This way we keep the membership informed and cut down on rumors.  This section will begin with the next issue.  The letters can be emailed or mailed to the Lodge post office box.

Monroe Cheese Festival

    The Lodge will be doing their annual child ID Kits on Sept 23 at Monroe.  We will be using the offices of one of our advertisers Dr. Kenneth Tobey on Lakes St to conduct this. We need volunteers who can donate 1 hour of their time on this Saturday to help, we will use two people per hour from 1100-3:00pm and no more, (the 12 hours the volunteers did last year was too much) Please let the Board know at the Meeting.


    September starts the new year of with Dues.  We have to have the dues in to the State by the end of October to keep the members active with their benefits, applications are being mailed out with this newsletter and will be available at the meeting.(Efrain, update one of the   old ones and insert in the newsletter)


Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.