September 2001

President's Message :
President's Column:

    By the time this newsletter goes out, the kids will be back in school(I am reminded of the Staples commercial a few years back, with the father singing and dancing to the Christmas song, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year" and the kids trudging alonside picking up school supplies)  Hopefully everyone had a great and relaxing summer.

    The Fall will be a busy one for us, I have been approached to run another Firearms Refresher Course and if we can work out the details we will try to shoot for November or December.  So tell the retired dinosaurs to dust off their muzzleloaders and stay tuned.  We will be running the CPR Course, it is just trying to coordinate the schedule, it will have to be on a Saturday or Sunday.  I should have the date by  the meeting, we have the people interested in it, so we will be going ahead with it.

    We still need volunteers for our Christmas Party.  We have set up committess and have the Hall, Food/Beverages and entertainment taken care off, we need help for the Decorating and Break Down Committee.  The Date is December 8 at the American Legion.  Tickets will go on sale in October and the Deadline will be November 30th.  This year it is a definite go.  If you are interested in helping, please contact a Board Member.

    The Board tried to have a slow Summer but couldn't, we ran a  Poker Run in June and a Picnic in June and the August BBQ Meeting, the Board worked overtime this summer even though many of us had personal things going on at home, they still made the time to run things.  I would like to thank the Board for all they did for me this summer, since June 1, I was going through a rough time and the Board took over my responsibilities and ran with everything, for that I am extremely thankfull.

    To the Members who made the trip to my Father's wake and the phone calls and the emails and cards, thank you for your support and friendship during this very difficult time.

    Lastly remember, Stay Safe and wear your vests.

To Ralph Pena and his wife on the birth of their daughter, Julia Renee, on 7/21/01.  Mother and daughter are doing well (Dad is a little worse for the wear)


    To the family of Lodge Member Thomas H. Carton, retired Sgt NYPD on his passing on 7/29/01.


    To the Conklin Family on the recent anniversary of Jason's Line of Duty Death.  Please keep him and the family in your thoughts and prayers.

From the Carton Family:

    I would like to take this time to thank the many people whho attended my Father's Wake and Funeral.  I learned all I know about the customs and courtesies of being a cop from my dad.  My life has always revolved around cops, from the early family vacations at the Police Camp in Tannersville NY to the 44 Pct Family Days at Yankee Stadium, the one day my Dad had more then three kids, he would adopt the neighborhood kids and cousins and show up in the Yankee Dugout with his ten to twenty children, so we could all play baseball at the Stadium.

    As time went on my father would talk about the old days and his cops, several of whom went far including one 1st Dep.  Dad always said treat the cops fair but be a boss, you will never know who will be your boss one day.  True, several of the rookies I trained four years ago are now sgt's.

    The last two months of his life were hard on the family, we were by his side every day, but the Lodge members were always offering the help and best wishes.  The Board took over the day to day operations of the Lodge and ran things great.  When he finally passed away, we were there for him, and when I got home that night Inotifed the Board, and they went to work making arrangements with the members.  My family was impressed with the turnout, over two hundred uniformed and off duty/retired cops showed up for the wake.  The funeral procession was just below an Inspector's Funeral, witht he Pipers and Drummers and Helicopter, and Color Guard.  We had several different Departments in uniform paying their respects.  Thank you to Major Al Martin Commander of Troop F who arranged for the Funeral Escort to the Cemetery, and to Sheriff Frank Bigger who provided his Honor Guard to pay respects and to escort us also to the Cemetery, it was the first time on the Sprain Brook Parkway where we didn't hit traffic( we were the traffic).  Thanks to Joey Andujar who served as the FOP Honor Guard and stayed by our side for two days and also escorted us to the cemetery and back home again.

    It is the little things like this that makes the work easier and makes you appreciate just how large a family this occupation is.  To all thank you during this difficult time.
Tom and Marjorie Carton and family.

Orange County Shields:

    The Shields announce their new meeting location is the VFW Hall on Rte 94 in Washingtonville, the meet on the Third Wednesday of each month at 8:00

Shields Clam Bake:

The Shields will hold their first clam bake on October 13th at Smith Clove Park, Monroe, Upper Pavillion.

Bullet Proof Vests

    The FOP is once again trying to get bulletproof vests for cops overseas.  We ahve contact officers in Ireland, England and Australia who would distribute these vests to their members.  If any retiring member would like to donate their old vests, please contact the Board.  We already have about twenty, and we are looking for female vests.  I have made arrangements with the PoliceWomen's Endowment Association to have their members donate their vests when they retire.  We will now arrange for shipping overseas.

Heating Oil:

    While it is still summer time and the air conditioner is still running, the Lodge looked into discounted heating oil for its members.  We have made a deal with SOS Fuel Oils in Tuxedo to help the financial burden our members face.  We have heard horro stories last year of members paying as much as $2.30 a gallon.  SOS Fuels has offered us a price cap of $119.9 throughout the heating season, right now the oil is 82cents a gallon, we will be offered the lowest price, witht he highest paid being ;4119.9 if you lock in soon.  They also offer full service technicians.  SOS Fuels will also make a $25.00 donation to our Memorial Wall for every member who signs up.  For more information contact Robert Spiegal of SOS Fuels at 845-351-4700 and tell them you are with the FOP.

New Members:

Welcome to new members!:

Robert Coiro NYPD
Lili Elyn Coiro NYPD
Brian Carpenter NYPD
Jorge Martinez Retired
Thomas Cooney
Joesph Cromwell
Bridget Alicea


Again, this is your newsletter, whatever you would like to see printed please submit it.  we will print anything from the members, pro or con.  We will not practice censorship, just correct for spelling.  We want to make this a newsletter that the readers, our members, look forward to.