President's Message
Awards Committee
Golf Outing success
July Meeting Highlights
August Meeting - New Officers
Renewal Reminder
Get Well to P.O. Chris Korba 
President's Message :
Welcome to the new board of the F.O.P. First I would like to thank Neil O'Riordan for his leadership from our inception.  The idea of the FOP was his, and to him goes the glory. From our frist meeting in October 1997 with just five of us to almost 300 members in just 10 months is amazing, but it was Neil who was our driving force.

As August 21st rolls around I would like to ask the membership to take a moment to remember our fallen brother for whom this lodge is named in memory of, Jason D. Conklin, and his family.  It will be a year that Jason was killed in the line of duty in Tuxedo Park.  Jason and his family, who have supported us from the beginning, will remain in our prayers. 

As you can see we are still experiencing growing pains. We are trying new formats seeing what will work.  This newsletter is just one example.  It will also help to offset our expenses, so any member who brings in 5 advertisements, the lodge will pay their membership dues for the year. 

Secondly, this newsletter should be used to keep all our members updated from social events to the latest trends and development affecting our profession.  So, if you have any news, information, birth announcements, promotions or marriages, please submit them to our P.O. Box. 

Also keep in your prayers NYPD P.O. Gerard Carter and his family.  P.O. Carter was killed in the line of duty by a 17 year old miscreant with two homicides under his belt. 

Lastly, about myself, I'm a Sergeant in the NYPD and live in Monroe with my wife Marjorie, son Tommy, and daughter Jaime.  During my tenure as President, I would like to keep us on the same course as we are the fastest Law Enforcement group in Orange County. 

Remember "Stay Safe and Wear Your Vest."

Awards Committee :
If you know of any Officers deserving recognition, please contact our awards committee and we will see to honor these officers. 

Golf Outing :
The FOP assisted the Conklin family in the first annual Jason Conklin Memorial Golf Outing.  The State Police provided a helicopter and the US Army supplied a 75MM cannon and crew to fire the "Shotgun Start."  Approximately 130 golfers took part with numerous awards and prizes given out.  Plans are now being made for the second outing. 

July Meeting Highlights:
July - On July 13th, Mike Sheehan of Fox 5 News and former NYPD Detective was guest speaker. Miek spoke of being on both sides of the fence and kept the audience interested.  Also in the audience was June's guest speaker, The Reverend Kalaidjain formally of the NYPD. The "Rev. Sharpton of Cops" also bought one the first house fund raffle tickets.
July Awards - P.O. Robert Compasso and P.O. Mark Miller of the Monroe Police Department and P.O. Richard Campora and P.O. Warren Decker of the Woodbury Police Department were all honored for their work with the DARE programs. Sgt. James Hanes, 28th Pct. NYPD was honored for his part in stopping a robbery in Warwick. 

August Meeting :
No regular monthly meeting was help, but an election was conducted.  The new Executive Board is:
President - Tom Carton
Executive Vice President - Larry Bennett
Vice President - Dave Conklin
Treasurer - Henry Dobson
Financial Secretary - Erwin Benz
Recording Secretary - Sean Franklin
Sergeant at Arms - John Flood
Sergeant at Arms - Tim Powel
Sergeant at Arms - James Moran
State Trustee - Neil O'Riordan (Immediate Past President and Founder of the Lodge)
Trustee - Dennis Brown
Trustee - Walter McAteer
Trustee - David Hasbrouck
Trustee - Laura Foley
Chaplain - Bishop George Langberg
Chief Counsel - Richard Liberth
Executive Advisor - Harry Ryttenberg

To all our members - be advised that State Law requires all FOP members to renew their membership by Nov 1, 1998.  If not, we will be forced to drop you from the rolls.  So let's make September and October renewal months.  Thank you. 

Get Well :
P.O. Chris Korba, Town of Wallkill P.D. was seriously injured in a Radio Car accident on 9/1/98 while responding to a Family Dispute call with a weapon involved.  He was struck by a drunk driver, who was arrested.  Chris is recovering at home. We wish him well.