excerpt from the Town of Tuxedo Supervisor's Update
October, 1997
POLICE - The Town Board wants to recognize the service of our police officers. Two Town police officers have been injured in the line of duty this fall. Rookie Officer Patrick Welsh was injured while routinely checking business establishments in the Hamlet area. Officer Welsh nearly lost an eye and had to undergo surgery to reattach his retina after being attacked at the Gulf station. Fortunately, his doctors are very optimistic about his regaining full vision, and their prognosis is excellent for his return to duty. Veteran officer Cpl. Sal Macri narrowly escaped serious injury when a deer jumped onto his patrol car and crashed through the driver's side windshield while he was patrolling on Route 84. Cpl. Macri sustained minor cuts but lost no service time. And, sadly, the community lost a fine and promising young officer with the tragic event that took the life of Village Officer Jason Conklin, brother of Town K-9 Officer David Conklin, on August 21, 1997. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues. The men and women who serve on the police forces in both the Town and the Village deserve our thanks for their continued service and dedication.